‘Drawing’ Amsterdam (read: ‘As long as it’s on paper’) Take the ferry to the NDSM island north of central station and you will find a large tent-like structure that houses a fairly new art-gallery-gathering that is the Amsterdam Drawing. Apparently a specific differentiation was needed for all that involves paper. Well known galleries that we find at similar events like Art Rotterdam / Amsterdam, Tefaf, Pan and others present their pieces that fit the description. Question is, does this fair have anything significantly new to add to the cultural agenda? Simple answer is Yes. Although each gallery-owners hobby seems to be ‘staring at a screen while potential buyers scuffle around them’ there was actually a lot of good art to be seen. Prices are very reasonable so art collector and art-lover can each indulge themselves with a good selection. The atmosphere is very relaxed and easy-going. If you have the time to enjoy some nice pieces of art and don’t have anything on the agenda: visit the Amsterdam Drawing (http://www.amsterdamdrawing.nl/)

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