Edwin Oudshoorn SS 2015

The decor is a street in ruins, building crumbling, leading towards a setting or rising sun. The first silhouette enters the stage. Its almost like the start of a play. The model, wearing a scarf around her head, a fur-lined short coat and dress, appears through the smoke. She holds a suitcase. The mental recollection of a Spielbergs classic ‘Empire of the sun’ flashes through my mind. The model, set against the remains of a street holding a suitcase firmly. Her head held high. A sort of ‘against all odds’ she starts to walk the catwalk. A very powerful moment. The garments have an asian influence. Each silhouette oozes a sort of time-forgotten atmosphere from a place in the far east. The dresses are very wearable for a party, wedding or simply to feel special. Edwin is a master at ‘telling stories’ on a catwalk. The show is one that will be talked about for the weeks to come. Again, Edwin, you outdid yourself! link to website

A very young Christian Bale in the movie ‘Empire of the sun’

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