Last season we invited Bas for an interview and after a a brief phone conversation he had to decline. He stated that he didn’t have anything to talk about, no direction on where he was going.

Today MBAFW 23 Januari:

Before the seating takes place, Bas himself sits on a column at the beginning of the runway. A film about him shaving his head and doing his make-up is shown in the background. Guests pause for a moment when they enter the venue. “Is that Bas? Or a very good look-a-like?”

A faint smell of incense fills the air.

The show starts.

Bas revolves on his column at the start of the runway. The models enter the stage. Huge colorful creations with either wearing masks / head-dresses or colorful make-up. Everything looks like a candy-store but with a sense of organized chaos. The garments are wonderful, you can’t help but smile and be amazed.

Behind Bas images of his face fill the screens of less fortunate times so it seems. It’s almost like we are witnessing the transitional stage of an old Bas into the new (and improved) Bas.

A great show with a glimpse into his personal life and feelings. Bas: Namaste!