Edwin Oudshoorn, The Wunderkammer and Mooiwatbloemendoen.

The message of the collaboration ‘The Manor Blooms’ is ‘Give the one you love his or her favourite flower’. For some easier said then done. Who has a favourite flower? What is it called? The show at NES 116 shows the love for flowers by the three parties mentioned above. An oasis of beauty that really gives an insight into the floral splendour and makes you want to share it with the ones you love.

Edwin is a master of creating an experience with his fashion. Each show, his store and each garment are so in tune with each other. The strength of Edwins creations is in the detail and the strive for perfection. You are part of this experience. It’s not about sales, fame or glory of the fashion world. Each dress has a personality tailored around it’s wearer.

The collaboration with the Wunderkammer is one we could only have hoped for. We met the Wunderkammer for the first time about 5 years ago at one of their ‘shop for a week’ projects in collaboration with Bibi van der Velden. Almost everything the Wunderkammer does can be described as art. Their approach is all about feelings, emotions, the joy of experiencing the wonders of nature and providing a service for decorating your home with beauty.

A unique element of the show was that it’s just there. Simply for the love of the profession and showing that an eye for detail goes a long way. It was like a jam-session between musicians who enjoy what they are doing and feel that a collaboration would bring out the best of both worlds. Our compliments to everybody that made this happen. These ladies and gentlemen give a whole lot of love to the world.

Special thanks to Florian who helped pick out the most fabulous flowers for everybody that visited the show, Nick Lynch for making everybody feel special and Laurien Vest from Mooiwatbloemendoen for her role as hostess and PR manager, we felt very welcome.